Why do you need Digital Marketing in 2022

In the era of the Internet, the last 21 years change the world completely.

There are 4.6 Billion people on the internet. That generation who was born after 1998 is the first seeing boom of the internet.

There is nothing to say wrong is that this generation has a plus point because they are seeing the internet increasing and they can use it early.

With the use of the internet increasing, marketing has completely changed.

In some previous years, businesses were completely using TV commercials, Billboard, etc. But now we have entered the new era of marketing that is Digital Marketing.

Firstly, we will understand what is a digital marketing and Why we need Digital Marketing in 2022?

Why do you need Digital Marketing in 2022

What Is Digital Marketing ?

With the increase of Mobile, Desktop we got a good opportunity to increase sales, brand awareness for our business. Digital Marketing is just to promote any service or product through digital media like Mobile Phones, laptops, tablets, etc.

There are several types of digital marketing:-

1. SEO, SEM.

2. Email Marketing.

3. Social Media Marketing.

4. Content Marketing.

5. Website or App.

6. Pay Per Click.

7. Affiliate Marketing.

8. Influence Marketing. Here we will see what are benefits and why need to do Digital Marketing:

Reach Target Audience

Do you remember? In Television, radio, etc, when they run ad there is no option where businesses can specialize who will see my ads or who will not? But Digital Marketing solves that problem, you can select your targeted audience.

For Example:- In google, if somebody searches “organic fruit shop”, he will only see only those shops which provide organic fruits.

If you sell Organic Fruit and you made a website and did proper SEO then your shop will appear and it will increase the sales.

There is another option, you can run ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc. Here your ad will only show to that audience which you selected like if you run an ad to sell bedsheets, then you can target age and gender which will be here 40 above females because moms only care about these bedsheets.

Low Cost

On TV, Billboard, etc. you have to spend a lot of money but now with the help of Digital Marketing, you can do marketing at a low cost.

Let’s understand if you run ads on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform you don’t need lakhs of rupees.

You can start with Rs 100 for digital marketing in India.

Digital marketing has become a boon for Small businesses, Startups.

But now bigger companies running ads on Youtube, Google, Facebook, Instagram. Businesses also focusing on influencer marketing because celebrities charged a lot but small content creators can give better results at low prices.

Insights Analytics

In Digital Marketing you can track any ads, you can track which ads are people clicking on?

How much time do they spend on the website? Which products do they add to the cart?

Which page is getting more attention? Which type of type liking which type of product or service?

With the use of google analytics, you can track the performance of your website like how many people are visiting your site?

How many people are live using the website?

Which type of blog gets more attention?

On social media, you can see which type of people are following you their age, gender, city, etc.

When are they most active on social media?

How many people click on your link? You can also get feedback from comments and can get an idea of what they want in your product or service.

Build Loyal Audience and Increase brand Awareness

If you own Website, App, Social media page whatever you can build a loyal audience there.

You have to provide good quality content to which the audience can relate.

It must be entertaining or solving a problem. You can convert that audience into new sales.

Like if you launch a new product then you don’t need to run an ad, your audience will convert into conversion.

It will build a trustworthy brand that cares for its customers. That’s the best way to increase brand awareness.


Let you run an ad someone clicks on your ad but didn’t get your service or product you can show your ad again to that particular person.

It is a great way to save money and greater chance to increase sales.

That is the important portion of digital marketing.

Easy to work

Working on digital marketing is easy like you don’t need to create an ad in which you will need a director, producer, actors, etc.

You can run ads only using posters, some good design posts and it doesn’t take time much.

You can easily without burnout use Digital marketing.


Digital Marketing is low cost, effective, targeted, less time consumption, has good analytics, and use for brand awareness.

That's are the some reasons why you need digital marketing in 2022.

That’s why your business needs digital marketing in India or to capture the audience of the world. Tell us in the comment section what marketing you will use for your business?

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