15 Best and Free tools for Digital Marketing


Ayush Tripathi

Here is list of Best and Free Digital Marketing Tools.

1. Google Analytics   To track website traffic activity. 2. Google Keyword Planner  For keyword research. 3. Google Search Console To check indexing status & more. 4. Google Trends To analyze the popularity of a search term.

5. UberSuggest Basic Account keyword research + content ideas. 6. Screaming Frog SEO spider   For website audit. 7. SEOreviewtools   To extract backlink 8. Website Auditor  For website audit

9. Monitor Backlinks To monitor backlinks & keywords 10. Answer The Public   For visual keyword research 11. Grammarly  To write grammatically correct 12..Trello   To organize your project and monitor the progress

13. Canva  To design online using drag & drop features. 14. Hootsuite  To plan and track your social media activity 15. Mailchimp For email marketing

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