8 Ways to Generate Lead on Social Media in 2021

8 Ways to Generate Lead on Social Media in 2021

3.6 Billion People are using Social Media, this counting will reach 4.41 Billion up to 2025, according to Statista. More users are coming it means more opportunities for content creators, businesses, startups, etc. 

You have to accept one truth without the presence on social media you can’t build a trustworthy audience. Many bigger brands like Zomato, Tata, Google are spending money on creating engaging content on Social Media. You can use Some Digital Marketing Tools for Collecting leads from Social Media.

If businesses will see your work on their feed, it will increase the chance of lead generation. Here we will discuss how you can Generate Leads on Social Media.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is showing a product or service to a targeted audience with a strategy to get sales.

There are several ways to generate lead:-
1. Email Marketing
2. SEO
3. SEM
4. Site Retargeting
5. Social Media(Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.)
Here we will discuss how you can Generate Leads on Social Media

1. Strongly Optimize your Profile

Think, will you trust a profile that doesn’t have a profile picture? Not. Always complete your profile with proper keywords.

In Linkedin, add links and write the description portion very well. In Instagram, use small words in the bio which can describe your profile easily.

2. Give value or Educate Others

Let you run an agency that gives service of SEO to eCommerce Businesses.

If you will start creating content that helps them in their business, like SEO tips, keyword research tools, eCommerce business hacks, chances will increase of lead generation.

Why does it happen? Because you are giving value to them, which builds trust and shows you know much about that field. Make sure your content must be of good quality and unique. This is best way to generate lead on Social Media in 2021.

It will increase brand awareness and will start a discussion about you in that field. Neil Patel is the best example.

3. Show review and Growth

If someone gives you a review post it on your social media profile.

It will build trust that people are using your service and they are satisfied with you.

Also show growth like completion of 1K Followers, first payment, your team’s hard work, your fun in the office, etc.

It will build an emotional connection with your audience and will generate leads.

On Instagram, make highlights of reviews. In which you show the
story of reviews and growth of your product and service.

Don’t cheat with your customers, provide true and valuable feedback.
Don’t hesitate to post negative feedback, give a reply that you are
working on that part, it shows that you care about your business
and working hard to provide valuable service.

Linkedin is always a preference for B2B business. Apart from that Influencers have benefits because they have already a loyal

4. Be Consistent

You have to be consistent with your work.

Post daily and regular update stories, it will show you are active on social media and care about your audience who belong to that Social Media Platform.

Don’t spam using random hashtags which you will get on google search. Add hashtags according to your post manually.

5. . Use Meme Marketing

The most trending thing in 2021 is Meme. Every business doing meme marketing, is the best way to build a loyal audience fastly.

It directly connects your brand with an audience emotionally. The young generation easily trusts that brand that uses memes. 

6. Don’t Forget Videos

Every platform is becoming a Video Creation Platform, like Instagram Reels.

Many people prefer watching videos over reading. So make good content and edit professionally for videos.

Use a question-answer survey to see how your audience feels and what they want from you.

7. Paid Advertising

We talk about organic growth in previous points.

Paid advertising is the best way to reach your target audience.

There are plenty of websites that will be similar to you so the ad can differentiate you. Use Canva to make good design ads, Instagram Stories are the best to give ads.

Linkedin is always a preference for B2B business.

Apart from that Influencer Marketers have benefited because they have already a loyal audience.

8. Day to Day Connect with your Audience

Connecting with audience is very important for generate lead on Social Media.

You will get more leads through your audience.

Connecting means you will do live chat with your audience.

Connect through online meeting, give likes do comment to your audience.

You will get many referral through your audience. 

Here is Some Tips to Get Client From Social Media.

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