13 On Page SEO Checklist Tips You Need To Learn Now.

Off-page has been almost the same for a long time, but on-page, Google keeps adding some new things continuously. That’s why on-page SEO has become very important. If you are new to blogging or a website then you should keep all these points in mind on on-page SEO. After following all these points, you can also get your site ranked. There is a lot of things in the on-page SEO, so let’s see the on-page SEO checklist.

Onpage SEO checklist for 2021

1 - Crawling checkup

The first step of OnPage SEO checklist is Crawling Checkup .Search engine bots visit the website which is called crawling. From crawling, it is known what content is in the website, how important is this website, and what type of users should be shown it. Crawling is the first step of search engines, if your website is not being crawled properly then the website will not be indexed and will not rank. Sometimes you will feel that the website is fine but some of the pages are not being crawled. You can solve these saree problems only after a crawling checkup. In crawling checkup, you check the robot.txt file and .htaccess file and see that there is no file folder block that is blocking your pages.
Google Search Console gives you information about crawling errors.

2 - Indexing checkup

After crawling your website, Google indexes its pages. If your website has been created, then you will have to give it to Google by indexing the website. No search engine indexes all pages. As an SEO, your job is to index as many pages as you can. In the indexing checkup, we see which pages have been indexed and which pages are not indexed yet and why are not indexed. So that by solving those problems, all the pages can be indexed.

3 - Sitemap checkup

Many people miss the sitemap check. This is an interesting point, sitemap crawling and indexing can both create and remove problems. If you have a page that has not got internal linking from any other page, an external link is not found and it is not found in the sitemap, then that page will neither crawl nor index. After crawling and indexing, check your sitemap and check whether the sitemap is created or not. And whether the sitemap is submitted in the search console or not. And check whether all the pages are linked or not.

4 - Mobile Friendly Check

The mobile-friendly test is very important, it is compulsory, mandatory. From the point of view of on-page SEO because most of the visitors come to your website mobile-only. Google crawls most of the website with its smartphone boat. Your website should be visible on mobile as it will appear on desktop, there should not be much change in its content, but the design may be different. It should not happen that you are showing a good website on desktop and dirty on mobile. You can also use AMP to make the website mobile-friendly.
AMP lights up your website, which increases user experience and your ranking will also be affected and can also come on top in search results.
To check your website mobile-friendly, you can check on Google's tool Mobile-Friendly Test. Many people ignore this point but this point is very important for the OnPage SEO checklist.

5 - Canonical Checkup

Canonical tags tell search engines that only one of the two pages looking at the same content should rank. Search engines fund duplicate content with the help of canonical checkups.

6 - URL Checkup

URL is the address of your page. The crisp side of the URL should be relevant and junk-free. Random characters, random numbers, symbols should not be in the URL.

7 - Meta Data Checkup

Metadata tags are added to individual pages in the header section. And it gives important information in the search engine. There are total 5 things in METADATA CHECKUP
META Title

8 - Header Tags

Header Tags are mostly used to read what content is written on a site. Any page should have only one H1 and H1 should also contain your keyword. And implement H2, H3 correctly on your page, put the keywords in the right amount. Put a heading about the content that is written. Header tags are used to format the page properly, and it enhances your user experience.

9 - Good Content

The most important element of on-page is content, you must have also heard that content is king in ONPAGE SEO, optimize your content properly and do not put duplicate or copy content in your page, it can also affect your ranking factor. . There should be no spelling or grammatical errors in the content and make the content user friendly and use simple words. Content is the only thing for which everyone works so hard and only then can they give quality. While writing the content, one should do the right knowledge and research on it.
And do not suffix keywords in your content, keyword shuffling reduces user experience. And in the first paragraph of your page, you must use the keyword .

Take this as a top priority for OnPage SEO Checklist .

10 - Image Checkup

Images can make your site heavy. Therefore, keep the images on your page of the same size so that your page will load quickly. The image should be put in the format of JPG as it is of lesser size. Also, put the ALT attribute in your images.
Because Google is not able to read the images. With the help of the ALT attribute, Google can read the photos on your page and rank them. Images should be placed in the place where the text related to them is written.


11 - Internal Linking

Internal linking is also a part of your page, so it also comes in ON-PAGE SEO. There is no fixed number of internal linking that a page should have 8 to 10 links.

Internal Links Checks 

  • Don't use same anchor text to link two different pages .
  • Don't link same page twice .
  • Keep anchor text relevant.
  • Place your links naturally

12 - Schema Data

SCHEMA DATA makes the webpage easy to understand by the search engines. If the search engines understand your page better, then they will also rank better.

13 - Page Speed

Page SPEED is the most important ranking factor. It also enhances your user experience. You make your page fast and smoothly.


Here is a list of tools which help you to do OnPage SEO.

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