List of top and free Digital Marketing Tools

Using online marketing tools is very important for any digital marketing agency, because it is very difficult to run a digital marketing agency without using tools, when you will not use the tools for your growth, how can any other business grow. Therefore, it is very important for any digital agency to have access to the tools.

In today’s blog we will talk about tools, I will tell you about those tools by using which you can give a good growth to your agency. Here is the best digital Marketing Tools .

digital marketing tool digital marketing tool

1- SEO Audit Tool for digital marketing

With the help of this tool, you can do an SEO audit of any website. There are many tools for SEO audit, but I will tell you about the best tools by which you can do the best SEO audit of the website. I will tell you about the best 5 SEO audit tools. With the help of these tools, you can easily do an SEO audit of any website. These are the best SEO audit tools.


The name of SEMRUSH comes first in the best tools for doing an SEO audit, which is a very great SEO audit tool, maybe you have heard about it, if you have not heard, then I can tell you that SEMRUSH is the best audit tool whose With this help you can easily do keyword analysis. You can do Competitive Analysis and Competitor Deep Analysis, this is a very great app. For this, you can use the free version.


This is also a great SEO audit tool so that you can easily do SEO, keyword, and competitive analysis of any site, SEMRUSH, and YOAST SEO are the best competitors of each other, you can also use them free VERSION. Mostly Yoast SEO is used in WordPress for SEO and check the overall SEO score of the website or any page. In It's free version there are many features too and it is easy to use.


UBESUGGEST also comes in the count of SEO audits tools, through this tool you can also get the best audit, it is used by many digital marketing agencies. It gives vast information about any website. It is best SEO audit tool for any digital marketing agency .

D - Pagespeed insights

This is a Google SEO audit tool. With the help of this tool, you can easily generate your website audit. This is free for all and it also provides mobile and desktop audits and it is easy to use but it does not give every information about your site. It provides only site audits.

Audit tool for YouTube

Here is a list of YouTube SEO tools. With the help of these tools, you can easily find the analytics of your channel and these tools will help you to grow your youtube.


If you are working on any YouTube channel then you can use TUBE BUDDY, with its help you can do Competitor video analysis, generate tags, can take KEYWORD SUGGESTION on youtube, you can GENERATE, YouTube BUDDY TOOLS is the BEST TOOLS for YouTube users, IF YOU ARE WORKING FOR A YOUTUBER YOU CAN ALSO USE IT, THIS tool IS BEST...

Tools for Email Marketing

Nowadays many agencies use many email marketing tools for pitching the audience. By the use of email marketing, you can easily target your customer automatically or manually. So, here is a list of the best email marketing and digital marketing tools.

a - drip

This is one of the best email marketing tool, with this you can easily do email marketing and automation, you can also use it for tracking e-commerce websites, it is the best tool for email marketing.

b - mailchimp

MailChimp is a very well-known tool for email marketing, you may have used it, Mailchimp is used a lot in the world of digital marketing. You can easily use it in email marketing, it is the very best email marketing tool.

Social Media Marketing Tools

In today's time, all businesses like to do their marketing on social media, because a lot of data is easily available in social media, and social media is very famous in today's time. So today we will know about social media tools. In which I will tell you about the 4 best social media tools, using which you can easily manage social media and manage data.

A - buffer

Through these tools, you can manage many social media platforms, and you can easily analyze and analyze your social platforms, with the help of these tools you can make your social media services the best.

B - Hootsuite

This tool also helps you a lot in making your social media marketing service the best, through this tool you can manage many more social media. It is the best tool for social media services.

C - BuzzSumo

Through this tool, you can analyze your competitor and you can also do comparisons, and BuzzSumo has provided quite a unique feature, and these tools are being used a lot nowadays, that's why these tools are also in trend. ..

D - sproutsocial

Through this tool, you can track metrics related to audience growth, and you can reach and impression engagement on your page.

Best tools for Content Writing

Its marketing is important for any business, and its content is necessary for any marketing, it is said that content is like a king, if your content is the best then your marketing will also be the best, I will tell you the best content marketing tools with the help of which you can best your content. Here is a list of best content writing tool

A - Google Trends

This is best free tool for content writing. This free tool of Google will help you, it will tell you what is trending at the moment, in this, you will be able to know about people search behavior and write the content of their choice so that people will be able to search you, the help of this tools With this you will be able to make your content even better.

B - Google keyword planner

When we search anything, whether it is a website or any content, we use keywords somewhere, then this tool will give you the best keyword search, it will tell you how much traffic is on which keyword, with the help of which You can plan the best keywords for your content so that more and more traffic can come to your content. Google Keyword Planner is the best free tool for finding keywords.

c - hubspot

This tool helps you to reach your customers through content, with the help of this tool you can stay in touch with your customers, and close your deal, these tools are used a lot in today's time. ,..

Make sure to use these tools to best your content and reach as many people as possible.

Free and best tool for Graphic Design

Creativity is very important for any digital agency, whenever we do a post, the design is very important, through which we can attract our customers towards us, this one tool can help you in graphic design, it is quite easy to use.

A - Canva

This tool helps you create graphic design, creative social media posts, presentations, posters, documents, and other visual content. Canva is the best and free graphic design tool.

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