Is Google AMP dead ?? It’s still On Page SEO factor

Google AMP dead

Do many people still think that IS GOOGLE AMP DEAD? What is the benefit of AMP from the POINT OF THE VIEW of SEO? So let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of AMP and whether you should install AMP for your website or not.
Whenever we talk about ON-PAGE SEO, page speed is considered a very important factor in it. Google also ranks only those websites which site is mobile-friendly, Google checks how much time the website is loading in mobile, whether the site is not lagging and there are many other factors.
In the old times, due to the work of mobile RAM and a low internet connection, the site took time to load, so Google introduced AMP to deal with it.
Now you will think that What is AMP, then let me tell you that AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open-source framework that increases the speed of your website. AMP removes UNNECCESY HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT in your website and also minimizes or eliminates images so that the site can load easily and make the site mobile-friendly.
In the beginning, Google told that any site that has AMP installed will get good traffic and its chances of getting ranked will increase due to which many people have activated AMP in their site.

Disadvantage of AMP

AMP is good for blogging site but many other sites like E-COMMERCE site was not right for many other sites and AMP site also did not load the ADS shown from Google so that the income of the site was also less.

Is AMP Dead??

Talking about today's time, AMP is not dead (from Google's notice) but now AMP is not that special from SEO's point of view because now everyone has increased internet speed, and hosting has also become cheaper. Due to which the sites also load quickly.

So should AMP be removed from the site?

By the way, I would not recommend you to remove AMP from the site because it makes your site smooth and also increases its speed.

So should AMP be installed on the site?

If you are making a new site or you are thinking of installing AMP, then I will recommend that you do not install AMP on your site, yes if you do not want to spend much on hosting then you can install AMP on your site.
But remember that in AMP sometimes there are no ADS shows which can reduce your income.

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