7 ways to improve your WordPress Website Speed

How to

How to Improve Your WordPress Website Speed ​​is a very hot topic nowadays. So in today’s blog, we will talk about some such techniques which can increase the speed of your WordPress website. Because in today’s time, website speed matters a lot, which also helps a lot in SEO. Poor website speed puts a bad impact on your visitors. So let’s see some techniques to increase website speed.

How to check Website Speed

To increase WordPress website speed, first of all, you need to audit the site. So let's see some tools by which you can get your site audited for free.

1 - GT matrix
2- Pagespeed insights
3- SEOptimer

So here are some tools by which you can get your website speed audited.

some techniques to increase the speed of the website.

Let's get started

1- Take a good hosting for your website

The most important thing to increase website speed is hosting. A good hosting increases the speed of your website. So you should keep some things in mind while taking hosting.
a) You do not take shared hosting – Now you will think about what is shared hosting. Shared hosting is such hosting where your site is hosted with many other sites. The problem with shared hosting is that the bandwidth of the hosting is limited and in shared hosting different sites are hosted, due to which the speed of the website automatically decreases and the website starts to lag. So always take single hosting for your website. Shared hosting is good when there is less traffic on your site, if more traffic comes to your site, then with shared hosting, it is not known which website is taking more bandwidth.
So try to take single hosting.


Here is a list of Some good hosting providers

1- Hostinger
2- Bluehost
3- Big Rock
4-Joe Daddy
5- Amazon Web Services (AWS )
5 - Microsoft Azure
6 - Host Papa
7 - Big Rock
8 - Site Ground

2 - Use light theme for WordPress website

After hosting, the thing that matters the most for website speed is WordPress themes. WordPress themes have a lot of dynamic stuff which takes time to load and increases the load on the server.
All these fancy things like (dynamic content, layout shift, social icons, header, footer) increase the size of your site, which reduces the speed of the website. Try to always use a light theme for your website.

If you do not want to use a theme in your website, then you can also make it a custom WordPress elementor and Wp page
You can create a custom website with the help of WP builder. But both these plugins are quite heavy.

Tip- If you are not using any theme in your website, then you should delete it as it puts a load on your backend.

Best WordPress light Themes

1- Neve
2 - Astra
3 -GeneratePress
4- Ocean WP
5 - Zakra
6 -Customize
7 - Responsive

3- Optimize image for the website

how to increase your wordpress website speed

Images are an important factor of the website but the plain reality is that it increases the size of your website. But the website seems a little less interactive with the images.
To optimize images, most websites use JPG images as they are much smaller in size than PNG. Do not use images directly on your site, compress them with some tools.

There are many options to place the image in WordPress, but the most recommended setting is 360 * 239. The image in this is of medium flame quality which loads quickly on the site.
WordPress also comes with plugins to optimize images and lazy load which increases the speed of your site. Lazy load means that when a visitor comes to your website and he does not scroll to the bottom, then the image below will not load, which increases the site speed.


Tip – If you are using an image in your site and later you remove it, then delete it from WordPress.

Image Optimizer WordPress Plugin

1- Image Compressor
2- tinyJPG
3- image optimizer
4 - compressor
5 - imagify

Best WordPress light Themes

1- a3 Lazy Load
2 -Smush
3 -Image optimization and Lazy Load by Optimal
4 -Lazy Load by WP Rocket
5-Lazy Loader
6 -Speed ​​Up - Lazy Load
7 -Lazy Load for Videos

4- Minify HTML , CSS, and Javascript for wordpress website

When a visitor comes to your website, the server downloads HTML, CSS, javascript for him. The more HTML, CSS, javascript in the site, the more time it will take for the site to load, so keep JavaScript at the last of your website so that it can take time to load and the website can also load quickly.
The site has many plugins to reduce HTML, CSS, javascript. Which removes unused HTML, CSS, and javascript from the site.


Minify HTML, CSS , JAVASCRIPT WordPress Plugin

1. Autoptimize (Free)
2. Fast Velocity Minify (Free)
3. Merge + Minify + Refresh (Free)
4. WP Super Minify
5. W3 Total Cash

5- Use less plugin for website

If you use plugins for everything in WordPress, then it increases the load on your site. Before using the plugin, check its size too and use a light to the fully optimized light plugin.
According to one article, you can keep 25 plugins in a good fast site, but for that to there should be good space in hosting which is not available to everyone, so according to me you should not use more than 15 or 20 plugins and unwanted Delete the plugin.

6- Keep deleting the cache from your site -

When you delete something from your site, some cache remains in it which can slow down the site, so it is necessary to delete cache files from your site from time to time.
And sometimes you can delete the cache files from your hosting (get it done by experts only)


Best Cache Plugin for wordpress

WP Rocket (premium)
Cache Enabler (free)
Comet Cache (free + premium)
W3 Total Cache (free)
WP Super Cache (free)
WP Fastest Cache (free + premium)
Hyper Cache (free)


It is important to clean the database from time to time because you have limited space, whatever unwanted data is on your site, you must clean it at least once a month in the database and you can also keep the necessary data in your excel. Because the database draws a lot of power to the backend. Due to which sometimes the site can be slow.

8- Put GZIP compression on

GZIP means that the server will store your site as a ZIP file. When a visitor comes to your site, instead of loading it separately, he will directly load the ZIP file and show it to the visitor.
For this, you can use the plugin Pagespeed Ninja or you can enter this code in your .htaccess file.

AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/plain
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/html
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/xml
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/css
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/xml
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/xhtml+xml
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/rss+xml
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/javascript
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/x-javascript

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