Here is some Business Tools for Freelancers and for Digital Agency Leaders

Today we will talk about 11 such business tools that every successful digital marketer and freelancer use today, if you are also a digital marketer, or a freelancer or if you run your own digital marketing agency, then you should also These business tools should be used.

I am not telling you any service related tools, today I am telling you business tools, by using which you can make your agency and your business easier.(Tool for freelancer and digital agency leader.) 

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Video Making Tool

Here is some tool for freelancer and for digital marketer. Yes, if you are a freelancer, or are running a digital agency, then the most important thing is that you should have video making skills, because today no one likes to fall in 2021, today's generation likes to watch If you're a freelancer, or running a digital agency, you'll need to describe yourself, what you do, and the type of service you provide. If you are telling about yourself by writing, then you will be left behind those who are telling about themselves by speaking and through videos, so it is important that you develop video skills inside yourself, and use the video platform. .

And these two tools will help a lot in making your video.

a - Filmora
b - Kinemaster

You can improve your video skills with the help of these two simple and free tools, and you can tell about yourself and your agency through videos.

Lead Magnet Tool

You prepare the best post and content to attract your leads, but due to lack of tools and knowledge, you are not able to attract your leads well, so let me tell you about a tool which By using this you will be able to attract your leads easily.

Canva is such a lead magnet tool, using which you can design your lead magnet post well, and you can decorate your content well, and prepare a lead magnet post, and attract your lead. You can, these tools are absolutely free, you can use its free version. This tool is very important for freelancer as well as digital marketer.

Content Calendar tool

(Google Sheet)
Without the help of these tools, you cannot do marketing, this tool works to manage a lot of your things, because its name is calendar, through this tools you can manage things, you can manage your content. You can easily write it, and also share it with anyone, and through this amazing tool, you can write any of your ideas or short notes and share it with your team. This tool is very famous for making website in WordPress , and this tool is widely like by freelancer and digital marketer.

Script Tool

( Google Docs )
You need a script to cold outreach your customers, which you can also call a message templet, you are reaching your customers on any platform, whether it is Instagram or Facebook or you are LinkedIn You are reaching out to your customers everywhere, you will need a script to reach out, which you will send them and you will connect to them, the name of the tools you will need for this is (google docs) On this tool, you can save your script and share it with your team member, this is also one of the best tools, which many digital marketing agencies and freelancers use.

Landing Page Builder Tool

Elementor is the best landing page builder tools, which you can use for free, this tool is very important for any agency or freelancer, because whenever we do lead generation work, we have to put our leads on a landing page. We have to bring, which we convert into a qualified lead, basically the landing page is like a prescription, where you list your service and product, and also add a form there, which the interested customer fills. Tax gives you your information, and later you target it and make it your customer, so landing page is very important for any agency or freelancer, and this tool is even more important than that for making landing page. It happens..

Auto Responder Tool

When our lead magnet process is completed, as I mentioned earlier, when an interested person fills out the form on your landing page, he/she fills in his/her information, in which he/she fills in his/her name and email. , and that information comes to you, now after this the auto responder tools do their work. Auto responder, as the name suggests, means (automatic responder)

Get Response - This is an auto responder tool that automatically responds to the person who filled your form in the form of their email, because the one who filled your form also filled their email, just fill you After collecting the added email, you have to fill it in this tool, it automatically sends your response to all the emails. This is a very amazing tool, at the press of a button, you can respond to all at once. You must use this tool.

Calendly Tool

Calendly tools are used quite a lot, it gives you a form that you can put in your landing page, and you can also create other forms from it, such as talking to you. If you want to do it, you can also design it like an appointment, and in which you can set your timing and date, now whatever appointment has to be taken, it can by filling your form. Tool for freelancer and digital agency leader.

Grammarly Tool

If you write a blog, or you write any such content in English, and if you think that my English is wrong, or any meaning is wrong, if you have a little doubt in your English then you absolutely Do not worry, because there is such a tool grammatically, in which you can check your English by pasting your content, and this tool will also tell your mistakes as well as correct your wrong English, and it will be done by you. You can use it absolutely free, isn't it amazing tools, so you must use this tool.

Virtual Phone Number Tool

If you are a digital agency, or a freelancer, and if you want to make foreign people your customer, then now you can easily do it, and you can call them sitting in your country and call them on call. You can talk and make them your customers. Yes, I will tell you about one such tool.

Vonage -

This is the only tool using which you can talk to people from abroad, and make them your customers.
And its special thing is that, when you call anyone abroad with this, then this tool changes your number to the local number there, and people also pick up your phone after seeing the local number, And you can talk to them, and make them your customer easily.

Meeting Tools

When you have well convene any of your customers to take your service, then after that you can approach them for meeting, and you can do meeting with them on top of meeting tools, which is absolutely free. ..
a - zoom
b - google meet

You all know about these tools, where you can easily have a meeting with your team and customer, in which you also get options like screen share, and screen recording, then you must use these tools.

Project Management Tool

(Trello) With the help of this tool, you can easily manage your project with your team, and can see the process of any project, and also share it with your team, this tool is very important. It is for any digital marketer and freelancer, because when you handle a project, you should know how your team is handling the project, and what is the process of that project, so you can also use this tool Do use it, and here is more list of tools that you are also use for your work.

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