Here is List of Underrated and Powerful SEO tools

List of Underrated and powerful SEO tools

In today’s blog, we will talk about some Underrated and Powerful SEO tools, about which very few people will know because these tools are such that these tools did not get much fame or marketing of these tools so that it could not reach the people. But these tools are very useful and these SEO tools are free. In today’s time, everyone wants his work to be done very quickly, and if you are in the field of blogger, SEO, or digital marketing, then you always need a tool that is free and gets your work done quickly. Here is some free SEO tools.
So let’s see the free Underrated and Powerful SEO tools


Many tools and plugins do the work of creating and generating the sitemap.
But when a could not fetch error appears in your search console, and if this error occurs, the first thing you have to do is to check your sitemap whether the sitemap is in the correct format or not.
Automate plugins make SITEMAP necessary, but there may be some shortcomings in it, so this XML SITEMAP tool can be very useful for you.
If you use this tool, it sees the error coming in your sitemap and tells you where the error is coming from in the sitemap.

Video Comparision Tool for Website Test

When it comes to page speed information, we go to Google Page Speed ​​Insights or GTMATRIX or other sites.
But with the help of video comparison tool, you can extract information about yourself and your competitor's website and can also download it in video format. It also has the option of slow-motion video, so that you can find out how and in how much time your website and your competitor's website is loading. You can easily do this with the help of
This is also a great tool from Seo's point of view and this tool is very underrated and powerful.


If there is any error in your rbot.txt, then with the help of ROBOT.TXT tool you can check your file, it tells whether any of your files are blocked.
This tool is very easy and free to use and this tool is made by

Bulk HTTP Status Checker Tool

To use this tool, you have to go to HTTPSTATUS.IO. In a process like migration, when you want to check whether all your URLs are being redirected correctly or not, then you can use this tool to check it.
This tool will save you a lot of time and this tool is free.

Quick Content Ideas

With the help of Quick Content Idea tool, you can know the content ideas of every field. If you want any keyword or idea for any content, then with the help of this tool you can see straight forward ideas.
This tool is very simple and free

OG Tag Debugger

There is a OG Tag Debugger tool from Facebook, with the help of this tool you can know how many times your URL has been seen in Facebook, and when your page has been crawled by Facebook, and with the help of this tool you can set your URL on Facebook. Can crawl from the side.
Open Graph Tags is what it will look like when someone shares your URL on Facebook. And it is very important to set it up properly and for this what can be better than a tool from Facebook.

Website audit extension

With the help of Website Audit Extension tool or Chrome extension, you can check any website from absolutely deep, with the help of this Chrome extension you can remove HTML, CSS, JavaScript from any website.
You can see the alt attribute of any image, you can see the path of the file of any image. It has a lot of options.
This tool is also very easy and  free to use.

Heading Generator Tool

In today's time, along with the content, it is very important for the heading to be good and cachy, if the heading of your content is not only good, then people will not click on your content, for this you need an attractive heading for your content or blog. If so, you can easily generate headings with the help of heading generator tool.

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