Everything You Know About Google Link Spam Update

Ever since Google has updated the link spam, many people are worried because now guest posts will end. Will the sponsors also reduce now, will our earning also decrease?
So in today’s blog we will discuss the question.
Google rolled out this update on 26 July, which will be fully rolled out in 2 weeks. Once this update is fully rolled out, Google will give manual and algorithmic penalties to sites that do not add sponsor attributes to their site’s sponsored posts or products. You do not have to worry about these updates of Google, SEO is a long process that has to be done continuously, it is not that you should leave it once and your site will start getting traffic in million, to bring traffic in million, you have to ONPAGESEO and OFFPAGESEO continuously. Have to keep doing it.
Keeping this process in mind, we will try to answer some of your doubt questions and will also inform you about Google link spam updates. so let’s start

google link spam update

Should I change old nofollow affiliate link to sponsored

If you see this thing from the Google link spam update, then the affiliate link should be sponsored. But keep in mind that Google has always kept its announcement incomplete. In addition to the link spam update, Google has a document Qualify Your Outbound Link, Google should have sponsored attributes for sponsored and affiliate links, but Google has also mentioned that nofollow is still acceptable.
This article link was published before the spam update. And it hasn't been updated yet. So still it can be guessed that nofollow for affiliate link is not completely closed yet. Just want to tell you that after 26th July 2021, whatever affiliate link you are creating, must be sponsored attribute tag.
In the end, the only conclusion comes that you do not need to sponsor your old affiliate link, it will run only with the Nofollow attribute, but after July 26, 2021, whatever affiliate link you add, you must put a sponsored tag in it.

Should I change change old nofollow link in guest to sponsored

Its answer is also similar to an affiliate link, but this Google knows that guest post links are bought and sold among themselves, so Google is paying a little more attention to it.
But if there is an old guest post lying on your website, then you should keep it Nofollow, but after July 26, 2021, if you do not give sponsored tag to the guest post's links, then Google can give a penalty on your site, then you must pay attention to it.

What will happen to to guest post after google link spam update ?

Google understands that guest post means to publish your article in other's website, in return of which something is exchanged, but Google only wants to increase the experience of its visitor. Google only wants this. It is that any visitor who has come to your site with the help of Google, if he finds any information, then he should get that information on Google and only the related link should be there.
So after google link spam update guest post will not have that much effect.
You should also know that Google has made NoFollow a hint, that is, now it decides itself whether to pass the NoFollow page rank or not, so in the case of Just May Be May Be Sponsored, it has started.

Instead of guest post if we post someone else’s post in our own site and give it backlink?

If you post any guest post on your site and you think that no one will know that this guest post is, then you should know that Google has a lot of data, it is difficult to hide anything from Google. Yes, if you keep doing this and keep submitting the guest post by making your post on your site, then Google will catch this trend easily, Google will also see if you are giving a link to a website on your site, then Google will catch you. and will give you a penalty

Can we put 2 attributes

Yes, you can put 2 attributes which are mentioned in Google itself.

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