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Email Marketing company in Kanpur.


It’s efficient and yields a measurable return on investment (ROI), which is why it’s an essential component of every successful digital marketingstrategy. We assist organizations of all sizes in designing, developing, and deploying email marketing campaigns using custom-built campaigns and the most up-to-date tools and platforms. Email marketing, when done correctly, allows you to segment your audience and target customers in a personalized manner. As a result, stronger ties are formed and sales are increased. Isn’t it self-evident? However, good email marketing is far from effortless. It requires eye-catching design, slick copy, and an eye on the prize: calls to action that lead to proper click-throughs. GROW Email Marketing Agency in Kanpur help you nail email marketing with years of experience sending world-class emails to big and small organizations


Two words; Killer. Content.

Have ultimate control over who you send personalized marketing
communications to.


Go hands-free

Segmented drip-marketing programs based on user interactions, behavior, or demographics, such as geographic area, automate email marketing.


Build a direct pipeline to your most important customers.

Build a direct pipeline to your most important customers. You could be driving blind if you don’t use a sales pipeline: you won’t know how effective your sales process is or where your deals are. Don’t worry GROW Email Marketing Agency in Kanpur knows sales pipelines, why they’re important, and how to create one.


Get rid of the guesswork.

Get rid of the uncertainty. You can know who opened your email and how they interacted with it using professional email marketing tools.

How we do it: The three ingredients of a successful email marketing campaign.

  • The starting block: turning data, results and reports into actual insights.
  • Next, building a strategy that guides everyone in the same direction.
  • Time for the fun stuff. Creating content that truly connects you with customers.


Step By Step Process of Making Website.

Before building any website there is some step by step process.

So, Let’s see some step by step process.

Tools we use

We use many tools for email marketing.

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Our goal is to provide best email marketing campaign in field.

  • Target EDMS
  • Compelling copy and design
  • Finding new customers while nurturing old ones
  • Email strategy and optimization
  • Email templates
  • Brand loyalty

Our Email Marketing Strategy

Target eDMS

EDM marketing is all about sending out e-blasts with your offer. With a customised, goal-driven email Direct Marketing campaign, you can cut through the clutter. However, a closer examination reveals that it is far more complicated than a typical email marketing campaign. But don’t worry our Email Marketing Agency in Kanpur, expert in this field.

Compelling copy and design

In order to create beautiful and functional emails that align with your brand and generate real results, we put your customers first.

Finding new customers while nurturing old ones

We assist in the implementation of a well-defined acquisition and retention plan that keeps customers engaged.

Email strategy and optimization

It’s critical to start with the appropriate strategy. Using data to improve and optimize is also a good idea.

Email templates

On marketing chessboard, their first move is to establish an email list. To acquire email addresses from their visitors, they use a lead magnet design strategy. Across a variety of brands, we develop consistent and appealing emails.

Brand loyalty

Personalized content that engages and converts leads to long-term connections. We tailor our loyalty programs to meet the needs and objectives of each client, which can be both emotional and transactional.


Send us a marketing email and we’ll help you make it great. Tell us about the purpose and audience of the email so our email specialists have the context to suggest improvements for real results. Email marketing company in India.