23 Required Features for Hotel Management System Software

Hotel Management System is a little tricky, it requires a wide range of systems and any failure will directly impact on hotel repo.

Every hotel has a different need, the guest experience must be a top priority.

So whenever you decide to choose software for the hotel management system, think about guests and employees. Ask these questions:

1. Is this will make work easy for staff and guests?

2. What if this feature stopped working? Be prepared for Plan B

3. Which problem it will solve? Here I will talk about which features you need in software to make your hotel system better and here is your answer why you need digital marketing in 2021.

Feature required for hotel management software

User Logs and Permissions

With so much turnover in the hotel business, it's critical to hold front-line employees accountable with complete user logs so that an automated record can be kept in the event of an error, as well as to ensure proper training and issue resolution.

Furthermore, because we live in a world where customers want increased security, it's vital that employees only have access to the components of the hotel management system that they need to execute their main jobs, rather than accessing sensitive information like credit card numbers.

Rate Management

Do you want to provide a non-refundable rate or value-added packages as part of your rate management strategy?

If that's the case, you'll want rate management software that lets you create several, configurable rate plans

Email Automation

Using personalized, customized, and automated emails, you can engage with guests while also reducing manual work for your team.

Automated email capability allows you to create a communication journey from the initial booking to targeted offers for returning visitors using your templates.

Housekeeping Management

Your housekeeping personnel should be able to mark rooms as clean, filthy, or out of order using your PMS.

With all of this information in one location, the front desk can keep track of room statuses and handle early check-ins and room changes without having to contact the housekeeping supervisor.

Management of Reservations

Reservation dashboard with up-to-date information Rooms may be updated and reservations can be split by dragging and dropping.

Returning guests' information is automatically filled in, and promo coupons and special discounts are applied.

Charge a fee and provide late arrival/check-in, early check-in, and late checkout services to your guests.

Numerous tariff plans and customization possibilities for bookings and stays. Establish credit limits for business clients and travel agents.

Accept group reservations - one name/bill for many rooms Template customization for arrival/departure emails.

Booking Engine

Allows guests to book directly with you, without having to pay exorbitant commissions.

An online booking engine that posts your pricing and availability on your website, takes guest information, and creates reservations in your PMS.

Payment Processing

Guests no longer pay with cash or checks, so you'll need a PMS with a payment processor integration that allows you to charge credit cards with ease and secure access to major payment gateways.

Rate Management

Do you want to provide a non-refundable rate or value-added packages as part of your rate management strategy? If that's the case, you'll want rate management software that lets you create several, configurable rate plan


Most guests want a copy of their bill when they check out, thus your PMS should be able to export visitors' folios that include all costs from their stay.

Similarly, you'll need reliable, simple financial reporting to reconcile revenue and expenses from room revenue, outlets, vendors, and other sources.

Accounting Software

Accounting is a complex and ever-changing profession, and you don't want to be trapped with out-of-date software when the rules change.

As a result, you should look for software that offers solid and full connections with industry leaders such as Xero.

This will allow you to automate repetitive procedures and optimize your invoicing, reconciliation, commission payment, and billing processes to help your finance department work more efficiently.

Channel Manager

Do you work with third-party channels like Booking.com and Expedia?

If that's the case, you'll need a channel manager to help you promote your pricing and availability to these sites, as well as other platforms.

In exchange, it will submit reservations to your PMS, allowing you to capture additional hotel reservations.

By synchronizing with your PMS, a channel manager may help avoid overbookings by knowing when to cut off distribution when a specific room type is sold out.

Hotel channel management software solutions are also critical for optimizing room allocation across channels and ensuring optimum profitability

Intuitive & easy-to-use interface

When selecting mission-critical software for a hotel, the most vital element is a user-friendly interface.

More mistakes will be made if your hotel software is cumbersome and confusing, costing you more money.

Common chores should not take a long time or include many stages, as this will slow down your team and hinder your potential to grow quickly - hence the necessity for a robust hotel management software system.

Guest Profiles

Are you attempting to increase guest loyalty? Guest profiles keep track of your guests' contact information, stay history, and even preferences so you can provide a more tailored experience during their next visit.

Room Management

Think of a PMS's room management feature as your virtual front desk.

Front desk staff can check clients in and out, as well as cancel or extend bookings, with just a few clicks.

Business Intelligence and Reporting

How can you tell if your hotel is performing well if you can't track it?

A PMS with strong reporting capabilities will provide you with insight into your revenue, ADR, RevPAR, and a variety of other indicators, allowing you to identify growth possibilities and track your progress toward your objectives.

Reservation Management:

Reservation management and front-office features are perhaps the most important PMS elements.

You should be able to set rates, monitor availability, offer promotions and visualize reservations on a calendar inside reservations management.

Group Bookings/ Reservations

Group reservations functionality is essential if your hotel plans to host any type of event or group of guests.

Allowing visitors to book reservations inside the room block, exporting a room list, and customizing payment settings so that you may bill one account for many rooms are all elements of group reservations.

Mobile & Tablet Optimized

Your manager, housekeeping team, and other staff members shouldn't have to run back to the office to double-check details on a booking.

Any system you use must not just be available on mobile phones and tablets, but also optimized for them.

Even better, your owner should be able to monitor your performance while on vacation.

Integration of point-of-sale systems

If your hotel has a restaurant, bar, spa, or other outlets, an integrated POS can help you run your business more efficiently.

When your POS and PMS communicate, visitors may charge purchases directly to their rooms, and you can keep track of guest purchases to assess patterns and customize future loyalty programs.

User Management

The hotel’s key performance metrics can now be tracked from a single dashboard without running multiple reports.

Report Scheduler – allows hotel workers to deliver particular reports to management at predetermined times to keep a close eye on hotel operations.

With management/super admin/admin logins, you can manage several hotel properties.

Clear visibility of the grid

Adding regional special events, showcasing returning visitors, and recognizing guests who haven't paid their bills are all options your grid should enable by default.

You should be able to quickly and readily see vital information about your guests using your grid.

Revenue Management

Rate your room's recommendations.

Data about local market demand has been compiled.

Get the most up-to-date rate information on your competition


Daily work assignment for housekeeping. Monitoring by the front desk. From the housekeeping section, control the room's status. The room update status can be viewed in real-time by the front desk visualize staff.

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